What is an ePortfolio?

As a modern educator it is important to keep up with the quickly, ever-changing times.  Today employers are looking for a little more than paper and ink, and going digital will give you an edge.  

An ePortfolio digitally showcases who you are, your experience, your philosophy, accomplishments, and skills as a professional.  Having a current ePortfolio available to present is beneficial to have not only to show off to potential employers, but also in tracking your own professional development.  According to Teachers Discovering Computers, “having a professional teaching portfolio is one of the tools that will set you apart from the crowd.” (Gunter, pg. 25) The Developing Your Teaching Portfoliowith Vanderbilt University, I found to be a concise, well organized, user-friendly resource.  Not only is this site easy to navigate, it provides a vast amount of information for current and future teachers that will be useful when managing an ePortfolio.  Another resource I was impressed with was the Portfolio Assessment Guide, which has just an amazing amount of useful information, and many ideas that you could incorporate into your ePortfolio, and future classroom.  Not only does this site have mass amounts of goodies to dig into, it is easy to read as article topic links are clearly labeled and organized.

Written by: Romans828 Blogger

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