Love is Sacrifice

When Jesus gave His life on the cross, that was love.  The blood that was shed for us was His love.  With the Valentines holiday approaching, I’d like to focus on what love is for the Christian.

“True love conquers all.”  Do you believe this to be true?  When Jesus gave His life for you, that single act conquered sin and death for all.  Too often love is a word that conveys a sensitive softy, but it has little to do with those characteristics.  Love is a giving of yourself.  Jesus told us to “pick up our cross and follow Him.” (Matthew 16:24)  I believe this is what it means to walk in love; being willing to lay down your own life and will for Jesus and fellow humans on this earth.

The definition of sacrifice is: an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.  I’ll be the first to acknowledge sacrifice is incredibly difficult at times,  especially for a big baby like me.  But the rewards are eternal.  Because you chose to pray for someone who is difficult to love, instead of ruining their reputation by talking about them to others, can be the difference of whether or not a soul is turned to Christ.  This life is but a vapor, and time is short.  Let us not procrastinate or be apathetic any longer and follow Christ with our cross.


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